The 4 Best Toe Separators for Bunions, Runners, & Overlapping Toes

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Whether it’s a painful case of bunions or the unsightly overlapping of toes on your feet, you can depend that a pair of toe separators will help ease your troubles. Designed to realign the bones in your feet, toe separators help restore proper weight bearing and biomechanics through the application of gentle pressure.

If you’ve ever tried to find the best toe separators on the market, you might already know that there’s a lot more to these simple devices than meets the eyes. There are a number of varieties that use different styles, materials, and offer varied benefits. So if you feel a little overwhelmed and you’re not quite sure what you need, our simple guide might be of some assistance.

What Do Toe Separators Do?

Toe separators work like any other sort of brace that you would need for your body. They correct alignment and help your bones work back to their original configuration. They’re mostly used by individuals who want to resolve the aesthetic issues of overlapping toes, or those who struggle with painful bunions.

Other than that, toe separators have also been known to improve gait, posture, and blood circulation by ensuring that the bones in the feet are properly aligned. In doing this, separators can optimize weight distribution across the surface of your feet so as not to apply excessive pressure that could cause injury or deformities in the long run.

The Benefits of Using Toe Separators:

1. Bunion Relief

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Probably the most notable of toe separators benefits is that it can relieve bunion pain. In fact, aside from choosing the right shoes for bunions, wearing a toe separator is one of the most effective methods to work bunions away. Wearing a toe separator throughout the day can gently return your misplaced bone where it’s supposed to be. Over time, the structures in your feet should return to their original configuration if a toe separator is used consistently.

2. Aesthetic Improvement

Toes that overlap can look unsightly. But instead of hiding your feet in closed shoes all the time, you can achieve proper toe alignment that can make your feet look significantly more presentable. This is one of the main reasons people use toe separators because they work great to resolve aesthetic issues associated with toe alignment. Toe separators for overlapping toes often feature a much more complicated design, separating each toe from those next to it, unlike toe separators for bunions that usually just adjust the space between the big toe and the second toe.

3. Better Circulation

When there are problems with the alignment of the different structures inside the feet, blood circulation can be impeded. This is the reason why some people have feet that look blemished and badly bruised, as blood struggles to flow properly through it to provide oxygen and nutrients to the different structures it contains. By achieving proper alignment of the bones in the feet, you can promote better blood flow to make the feet look and feel healthier all together.

4. Improved Gait and Posture

Your step starts with the feet. If you’ve got misaligned feet or painful bunions, it’s likely that you’ll end up compensating when you walk or move. Toe separators can help optimize the way your body bears weight on the planes of your feet. This in turn, improves your gait and posture so you won’t end up dealing with body pain in places like your legs and back as a result of faulty biomechanics.

The Main Types of Toe Separators

Toe separators are usually differentiated by the material they use and their overall silhouette. Materials range from gel, to foam, to rigid plastic, while their silhouette depends ultimately on the issue you’re trying to address.

1. Yoga Toe Separators

These separators are commonly made of gel, and are designed to adjust the space between each toe. They pull the toes apart and offer immediate pain relief while providing therapeutic benefits that reduce the chances for deformities like bunions and hammer toes.

2. Toe Spacers

Unlike toe separators, toe spacers commonly address just the big toe. These can be made from a variety of materials, but are most usually made from rigid plastic that applies aggressive yet gently pressure against the bones to ease them into proper alignment. These work best for individuals with bunions.

3. Toe Separating Socks

Designed as a toe-less sock, toe separating socks feature thicker, rounded fabric in between each toe to increase the space between each one. Toe separating socks are great for overnight use because they don’t pop out of place, and are slightly more comfortable to use for longer periods of time.

4. Toe Sleeves

Shaped like small tubes made from foam, toe sleeves are worn as the name suggests. They adjust alignment by creating a soft foam barrier around the affected toe, keeping it at a comfortable distance from other toes next to it.

The 5 Best Toe Separators for Bunions

1. DR JK ToePal Toe Separators

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After raking through the many different toe separators on the market, we’ve come to find that the ToePal Toe Separators from DR JK are the best gel toe separators currently on the market. These toe separators leverage comfort, giving you an effective solution that won’t make your feet feel sore even after hours of use.

They loop all the way around the underside of the toes, providing optimal support for your feet. They also don’t lodge all the way down to the webbing of your toes to give you better comfort and prevent the chances of friction and blisters.

In terms of their effects, there’s nothing to say about the DR JK Toe Separators other than they work. They’re easy to use, comfortable, and effective, so if you’re looking for a hassle-free experience that won’t cost you a lot, these are definitely the ones to try.

2. The Original Foot Alignment Socks

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If you want something that you can really wear for extended hours with little discomfort, the Original Foot Alignment Socks can be a smart investment. These colorful toe separator socks use a combination of cotton, polyester, and elastic, giving it the perfect feel to keep you cozy and comfortable while aligning your toes.

Soft, rounded edges press softly against your skin and adjust distance between toes without digging into your feet. The sock itself is also designed to fit snugly around your foot and ankles to help promote better circulation. Lastly, the socks are exceptionally warm, giving you superb comfort for colder conditions, so they really are perfect for night time use.

The only issue we found with these socks is that they aren’t quite that efficient at moisture prevention and management. They do start to feel moist and soggy especially when you use them for extended periods in warmer conditions. Nonetheless, they do fulfil their original, intended purpose. *Also see: Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

3. Yoga Toes Gems

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They say the best toe separators for runners come from Yoga Toes – one of the most popular brands for toe spacers. Made from premium, soft, pliable gel, these separators offer superb comfort. And unlike other spacers, these toe separators curve around the sides of the big toes, giving you better support against bunions.

Another reason why we think the Yoga Toes Gems make such a good purchase is because they can be popped into the freezer for added benefits. They retain quite a bit of cold that way, so they feel extra soothing and calming if you wear them after they’ve been kept in cold for a while. Based on your preference, you can also soak them in hot water for a few minutes to make them feel warm to touch.

Of course, the Yoga Toes Gems are slightly more expensive than most of the other choices on our list. That’s mostly because they come from a reputable brand. But despite their price tag, they really do get the job done. So if you’re willing to spend extra, you won’t regret the Yoga Toes Gems.

4. ZenToes Toe Separators

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Even if you’ve got the best toe separators for bunions boots can easily reverse their benefits because of their often stiff and rugged construction. That’s why we found the ZenToes Toe Separators to be particularly impressive. This design is sleek and small, so they can be used even when you’re wearing shoes, and that includes work boots and closed athletic shoes.

The soft yet durable gel pads are used by slipping your toe into them and then positioning the flat surface against the side of the toe you’re trying to separate. Based on reviews and professional recommendations, these spacers are considered the best toe separators for bunions because they work close to the base of the toes and push the head of the big toe outwards in order to achieve proper alignment with the metatarsals.

Price-wise, these toe separators are also exceptionally affordable. So if you want something that guarantees relief at minimal cost, these spacers are definitely worth a try.


So whether you’re trying to improve the way your feet look, or if you want to resolve a nasty bunion, toe separators are the way to go. These affordable solutions work effectively to restore your feet back to proper alignment, and help improve overall foot health.

Looking for the best ones on the market? We highly recommend the DR JK ToePal Toe Separators which have been tried, tested, and trusted by countless buyers around the globe. But if for some reason, they just don’’t seem to meet your needs, we can recommend the three other items we listed above. Not only are the affordable, they’re also impressively effective at providing the benefits you would expect from a toe separator.