About Us

Defeetit.com was created as a resource to assist those who may be suffering from a range of foot pain conditions.​ All feet are different and everybody's situation isn't the same, so we made it a point to go the extra mile and be super specific on every topic that we cover.

For example those suffering from the all too common plantar fasciitis issue and also like to play basketball or go hiking. Each situation and condition requires special attention and may require different types of footwear and ways to address it.

Our mission here is to help as many people as we can overcome and defeat (or as we like to say defeet it) painful foot problems to be able to and live the life they love and still enjoy it to the fullest.

All our articles and guides are written by either medical professionals, podiatrists, or people who have suffered a certain foot condition or been exposed to and had some sort of experience with it. ​

Our most popular guides for plantar fasciitis are:​

​Popular Guides for Other Conditions:

We also have categories of footwear for specific Sports and Occupations so be sure to check those out too.