The 5 Best Shoes for Standing All Day (Most Comfortable)

Best Shoes For Standing All Day

Whether you’re a working class citizen, a stay-at-home parent, or a senior citizen looking for something to fill up your time, you likely spend a large amount of your day walking and standing – which is a good thing! Research has shown that standing up frequently throughout the day is linked to better blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, and improved disposition all together.

While we’d all want to reap the healthy harvest that standing can provide, none of us really want to deal with the potential pain it might cause in our feet and legs. So how can you get the best of both worlds? Simple – invest in the best shoes for standing all day.

We did the research and scoured the market, so if you’re in search of the ultimate shoes for all-day standing, then this guide should help you land the best choice.

The Factors That Make a Good Standing Shoe

How exactly will you be able to tell if a specific shoe is meant for extended periods of standing? Well, there are certain factors that could affect a shoe’s performance when it comes to long hours of stationery weight bearing. Be sure to consider these main points when buying a shoe to make sure you’re getting one that can stand it out with you:

· Insole Design

There are two main factors that comprise a shoe’s insole design. These are material and contour. The material that makes up the insole dictates how it will feel under your foot.

Anything that’s too soft, buttery, and pliable can lack support. This compromises weight distribution and makes walking or standing painful after a certain period of time. Anything that’s too rigid and hard on the other hand can cause pressure on the prominences of the feet, resulting to the same outcomes.

The ideal feel for a shoe’s insoles would be something similar to gel or memory foam. With just the right balance between softness and structure, these materials are best at providing a well-cushioned step that provides ample support.

In terms of contour, a good performing insole should accommodate the unique, anatomical curves of the feet. Cradling against the foot’s natural topography means the insoles won’t dig into the prominences, and will help optimize weight bearing for lessened fatigue over time.

Orthotic insoles are often most effective at meeting both of these factors. These types of footbeds are especially designed with your foot health in mind, so they’re usually capable of meeting comfort needs for all types of users.

· Breathability

If you’ve ever had to wear a pair of shoes that made your feet sweat excessively, then you already know how important it is to find something that can effectively manage and perhaps even reduce perspiration.

If you’re expecting to stand in a pair of shoes for an extended period of time, a pair that can wick away moisture can be much more comfortable for long hours of use. You may also want to consider whether a shoe’s uppers can maintain a cool internal climate to prevent heat from building up inside your footwear.

· Cushioning

Lots of people tend to think that cushioning is only important for high impact activities like running. But even zero-impact activities like standing can benefit from a pair of shoes that offer efficient responsiveness. This is because a bouncy outsole can contribute to an insole’s feel. The more rebound your outsoles provide, the better your shoe will be able to distribute weight so as to avoid pressure points.

The 5 Best Shoes for Standing All Day

Here are the most comfortable shoes for standing all day whether it be on concrete or for retail workers.

1. Cole Haan Grand Horizon Oxford II Sneaker

best dress shoes for standing all day

The top ranking shoes on our list are also the best dress shoes for standing all day. The Cole Haan Grand Horizon Oxford II Sneaker is easily one of the most impressive designs you’ll find on the market if you’re in search of a comfortable pair of standing shoes that don’t sacrifice style. These sophisticated shoes are classy, fashionable, and definitely eye-catching, making them the perfect investment if you want to look snazzy while you get all your work done in a day.

What makes them particularly comfortable is their special Grand OS cushion system which was developed by the brand to help distribute weight and optimize comfort. This, in combination with a dual density EVA midsole, makes the Grand Horizon Oxfor II exceptionally easy on the feet no matter how long you might plan to use them.

If we’re talking prices, these Cole Haan shoes are easily the most expensive on the list. At double and even triple the price of other designs we’ve included, these shoes are definitely an investment. So if you’ve got a little extra to spare, you won’t regret a penny you spend on these best men’s shoes for standing all day.

2. ASICS Gel Venture 5 Running Shoe

best athletic shoes for standing all day

While the ASICS brand aims to be one of the best in the athletics market alongside brands like Nike, many of their shoe designs have actually become more popular among individuals with special feet conditions. The company’s designs mostly incorporate all the features you would look for if you suffer from a range of conditions of the feet, which is why they’ve become something of an essential for buyers in that particular market.

Of all their releases, it seems the Gel Venture 5 makes the best athletic shoes for standing all day for several reasons. Firstly, the shoe boasts the brand’s signature Gel insoles which work in combination with the Rearfoot Gel Cushioning. Together, these features take pressure away from the feet and let you stand without added stress on the contours of your soles.

The uppers on the shoe are made from premium mesh material, reinforced with outdoor-ready overlays. This makes them exceptionally efficient at cooling the shoe’s interior without sacrificing the footwear’s durability overall.

Finally, the Gel Venture 5 comes at a very reasonable price. These shoes are definitely a sound purchase if you’re looking for a durable, comfortable pair of shoes at a budget-friendly price.

3. Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 Unwind Slip-On Walking Shoe

best shoes for retail workers

In recent years, Skechers has found its place in the comfort footwear niche. The brand has been successful in its release of a number of shoe designs that are optimized for daily use, making them a big hit among buyers who want footwear choices that they can rely on throughout the daily grind.

The Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 Unwind Slip-On Walking Shoe is one of the company’s best yet. The shoe’s casual aesthetic maximizes the use of clean lines and simple colors, making them the best shoes for retail workers who need something they can stand in all day while looking neat and professional.

What makes these shoes exceptionally impressive for all-day standing is its full length Go Mat Energy Return insole which helps to economize your energy by reducing impact upon heel strike. For standing, this can be particularly comfortable because they reduce pressure on the prominences of the soles.

Working with Memory Foam cushions on the areas of the heel and vamp and Goga Pillars that improve responsiveness, the shoes can be a dream to stand in, making those long hours at work a whole lot less tiring for the feet.

4. Skechers Go Joy Walking Shoe

most comfortable work shoes womens

With a simple, streamlined silhouette, the Skechers Go Joy Walking Shoe is easily the most comfortable work shoes for women. We particularly appreciate the clean aesthetic which makes it easy for users to transition from work to play without losing their sense of style.

Some features that make the Go Joy Walking Shoe an ideal standing shoe include its 5Gen Cushioning, 5Gen Midsole, and Goga Max High Rebound Insole. These three components come together to make a very comfortable feel so you can stand for longer with minimal fatigue.

Other features of the Go Joy Walking Shoe that might make it an ideal pick are its breathable mesh uppers, rounded upper edges which reduce friction and pressure, and lightweight construction which all make it exceptionally easy to wear and use.

5. ONEMIX Air Running Shoes

best shoes standing on concrete all day

If you expect that you might be standing on concrete all day, you’ll need a shoe with a reinforced outsole. That’s why the ONEMIX Air Running Shoes made it on our list despite coming from a lesser known brand. These shoes feature a unique sole construction that incorporates an air compartment for better responsiveness and cushioning ideal for long term standing. The air cushion unit also helps keep the interior cool by allowing space between hot terrain and the midsole.

Inside, the shoes feature a comfortable insole that cradles the contours of the feet and provides maximum support. Uppers boast a breathable knit mesh that circulates air to prevent too much perspiration and moisture build up.

Now, when it comes down to the price on these shoes, all we can say is that they’re affordable. The shoes are budget-friendly, durable, and efficient for long term standing. So you’re not likely to feel any buyer’s remorse after copping a pair.

In Summary

Can’t stand standing for long? Then be sure to buy the best shoes for standing all day to ease the pain on your feet. There are a lot of choices out there though, so be careful to choose something that really meets your needs.

If you’re not quite sure which shoes will satisfy your standards, check out our five top picks to help narrow down your options. The Cole Haan Grand Horizon Oxford II Sneaker is particularly impressive with its sophisticated aesthetic combined with efficient comfort for long-term standing. So we can guarantee that it’s a shoe you won’t regret buying – even with its pretty price tag.