The 5 Best Shoes for Jazzercise [for WOMEN]

best shoes for jazzercise

For those who are not aware of what it is; Jazzercise is a new concept that fuses Jazz and exercise! Well, this is very evident in the name, isn’t it? Moving on, this new concept of workout is perfect for those looking for a subtle and fun way to ease back into working out.

Before we go on to explore the best shoes for jazzercise, here are some benefits of engaging in the popular jazzercise.

Benefits of Jazzercise

  • Perfect for everyone, regardless of fitness level
  • Boosts weight loss: burns lots of calories, despite being a low-impact exercise
  • Good for bone health: helps to strengthen the bone and makes it less susceptible to damage due to aging
  • Reduces stress; especially when done in groups, as it can be fund and relaxing to engage in
  • Impacts all muscle groups: Jazzercise might come off as "simple and easy" but it actually works on all groups of the muscle; whether you are after a toned muscle or a more defined body, jazzercise covers it all

Foot type factors to consider when buying a dancing shoe

jazzercise shoes

When engaging in cardio mixed with dancing, it is inevitable that you are going to be doing lots of feet moving, hopping, abrupt movements and sashays across the dance floor, so if you are conscious enough of your foot health, you might need to do a bit of research and investment. You need a shoe that keeps up with the intensity of the workout so as to avoid injuries.

It’s easy to just go out and pick a random shoe, slip it on and begin your jazz powered workout right? While that might be forgiving, you might want to consider some factors like your foot type. This way you can get maximum support when you finally pick a dance shoe.

Flat Foot​

Unlike other type of feet, someone with a flat foot has an arch that aids in shock absorption and pressure while in motion. Since you are going to be experiencing lots of impacts during a jazzercise session, you want to look for a shoe that has superb inner-arch support. Go for a shoe that stands a bit elevated around the arch area and has a padded heel, to keep the feet in alignment during impact.

Neutral Arched Foot​

A neutral arched foot requires a good balance of support and cushioning. So when shopping for jazzercise shoes, you want to aim for a shoe that is sturdy enough on the outside, to keep your foot from rolling and good cushioning for shock absorption.

High Arched Foot​

A high-arched foot doesn’t experience inward rolling during impact unlike those with flat foot. Thus it cannot absorb enough shock rather it redirects this shock to other joints like the knee and hip, which can be pretty bad and dangerous. You want to look for a shoe that has even sole cushioning, so the shoe can absorb the impact, rather than other vulnerable joints on your body.

Factors to consider when choosing a shoe for jazzercise

With all these foot type factors in mind, it makes choosing a shoe for jazzercise easier and effective. However, there are still some general rules of thumb to stick to when choosing a shoe for jazzercise. So here are some:


Jazzercise is an intense activity-combining workout; you are going to be doing A LOT! So when picking out a shoe, you want to keep in mind that light is better. If you opt in for a heavy shoe, this can end up not only being devastating/frustrating while working out, but can also be very detrimental to your feet health. A heavy shoe puts a strain on the foot and can cause injuries or conditions like tarsal tunnel or plantar fasciitis. Add that to the fact that heavy shoes makes it pretty hard to move effectively.


Naturally when buying a shoe/pair of sketchers for an activity that involves lots of movements like dancing, you want to go for a shoe that bags a lot of traction. Traction is essential for a solid footing, to prevent you from slipping and ultimately averting accidents. Shoes for jazzercise require just a little traction though; as if the traction is over the top, it makes moving very hard and restricted.

Comfort and Durability​

This is an essential factor. Make sure the shoe you select comes in the right size. Follow the size rule and go for a shoe that is half a size up from your normal shoe as this gives your feet wiggle space while still clasping fit to your heels. The shoe should also be durable and have enough breathability to keep the foot dry. Insole cushioning is another thing to keep an eye out for, as this helps with further shock absorption.


Jazzercise requires a great deal of movement, so it is of huge importance to pick footwear that will not bar your movements in any way. Go for a flexible sole.


This is an essential feature that isn’t just exclusive to jazzercise shoes, but also daily footwear. Shoes should ALWAYS naturally provide you with adequate support. This way your foot will be kept in the right position, regardless of how much impact it gets.

Five (5) Best Shoes for Jazzercise

Picking out a jazzercise shoe might be an overwhelming thing to do, so we have selected some of the best for you to consider.



The Asics Rhythmic II is an amazing shoe for jazzercise; obviously this shoe is meant for the ladies and provides excellent comfort featuring a lightweight design. It is made of genuine polyester, a rubber sole and features a full length EVA foam midsole. This product is also among the best jazzercise shoes for wide feet thanks to its large toe box.


  • Lightweight and simple design
  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Features and EVA foam midsole
  • Has support wraps for the lateral and medial sections
  • Comes with the brand's favorite Forefoot Gel cushioning system
  • Has an excellent pivot point
  • Perfect for people with wide feet



The Bloch Boost Dance sneaker is a very distinctive and authentic type of sneakers. It is designed in a way that allows users to adjust and customise the snugness of the shoe, as you can adjust the laces to your preferred grip. Whether you love your shoes snug or lose, you get to do whatever. Another superb feature of this footwear is its amazing arch support system which is bonus point in avoiding injuries or quick exhaustion. The shoe comes with an upper mesh that allows enough room for breathing thus keeping your feet dry while you engage in some jazzercise.


  • Lightweight and distinctive design
  • Features a weightless upper mesh that allows much room for breathability
  • Padded and elevated heel for less impact on the joints
  • Large toe box for enough feet space and flexibility
  • Features a suede heel with a DRT cushioned heel
  • Comes with a built-in arch support
  • Has a lot of padding which is great for shock absorption


nike jazzercise shoes

Nike is bringing insane comfort and support when it comes to jazzercise; the TR fit 4 print is a splendid option when it comes to dance-ready shoes. The shoe comes with a great deal of comfortability and provides sweet cushioning to the foot. Wearing this shoe to a jazzercise session will have you hopping and turning on the dance floor like you have got no footwear on! This is all tanks to the impeccable design the TR fit 4 features – lightweight and trendy footwear.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Light mesh which gives tremendous zonal support and breathability
  • Cushioning in the midsole for an amazing shock absorption
  • Features a Neoprene kind of inner sleeve
  • Great impact absorber


ryka influence trainer

RYKA is a top women’s brand when it comes to fitness shoes. One key feature of this brand is their dedication to fully grasping the anatomy of the female feet for an effective footwear production. The RYKA Influence is amazing footwear for jazzercise. It features a slender heel, a large toe box for breathability, a well padded foot bed and an elevated interior. All these things are essential for workouts like jazzercise.


  • Durable and stylish design
  • Seriously lightweight
  • Great pivot point
  • Features a light mesh for proper breathability and dryness
  • Great cushioning system with generous arch support


ryka workout shoes

This is another amazing product from RYKA. The Vida RZX is a fantastic model that is adequate enough for jazzercise, as it comes with a superior build, from the sturdy outsole to the strategic positioned flex grooves, and cool pivot points for smoother movements.


  • Lightweight, flexible and sturdy
  • Comes with an outsole made from rubber for an even better traction
  • Features flex grooves that are cleverly positioned
  • Pivot points for less foot pressure
  • Features the popular RE-ZORB technology in the heel for shock absorption and less impact

Bottom Line

These are among the best shoes for jazzercise; however, an ultimate pick would be the Ryka Vida RZX. These pair of shoes come with a wide array of features that make them stand out from the rest. They provide a type of New Balance, maximum comfort, while the pivot point makes the pressure of jazzercise have less/no impact on your feet and joints eventually.