The 5 Best Law Enforcement Boots (Comfortable & Tactical for Work)

best law enforcement boots

Law enforcement jobs are demanding, dangerous, and require special skills that not all people have. A part of your job is to move from one place to another, walk, run, jump, and you spend most of your day wearing boots. That is why it is absolutely mandatory to buy proper boots for your unique needs. Scroll down to find out how to find the best law enforcement boots for support, comfort, and stability.

What to Look for in When Searching for 'Great' Law Enforcement Boots​

Most people assume law enforcement officers need black (or some other color) and sturdy-looking boots and nothing else. The reality is much different. You need to consider multiple factors when buying these boots in order to get the best value and comfort for your money. Below are some important factors to bear in mind when buying tactical footwear:

  • Waterproof or water-resistant – first term refers to boots that you can submerge into water without getting feet wet, but the latter term refers to repelling rain or water splashes from the boot itself, but they should not be submerged into water. Your needs and type of job dictate what option to choose
  • Great traction
  • Anti-slipping
  • Antibacterial and moisture-wicking material
  • Great cushioning
  • Breathability
  • Comfort and support
  • Durability
  • Sole support

Law Enforcement Boots for Specific Foot Conditions

Specific foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis and flat feet can narrow down the choice of tactical boots. Why? Wrong choice of boots can only promote pain, inflammation, and discomfort. Your range of motion and flexibility decrease significantly due to bad shock absorption. The more you move, the more shock and pressure is exerted on your feet and pain gets worse. That is why you need to pay attention to boots you buy. If you have a specific foot condition, you need to took the following factors in consideration:

  • Arch support
  • Heel support
  • Toe-box width
  • Boot width (wider or narrower based on your feet)
  • Contoured shape of insole
  • Removable inserts
  • Orthotic-friendly

The 5 Best Law Enforcement Boots

Here are the top choices for law enforcement officers and why we recommend them.​

1. Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tactical Boots

best police boots for plantar fasciitis

Under Armour is well-known for its top quality footwear and their tactical boots are not an exception. These boots have a smooth and black exterior fit for police and SWAT. In order to ensure durability, the brand used DWR treated leather and a 900D nylon textile upper. The brand logo is conveniently placed on the side and shafts, but it’s not that noticeable which would be tacky for law enforcement.

The minimalist design is coupled with useful features that make these boots one of the best options for your needs. The boot features anti-odor technology applied to the Ortholite sockliner to prevent foul smell and growth of bacteria. In addition, Stellar tactical boots can also be considered one of the best police boots for plantar fasciitis because they come with molded EVA midsole featuring reinforced TPU shank. This way, the boot provides protection to foot structures and much-needed support. Wearing these boots won’t cause heel pain or pressure on your feet because they are also constructed in such a manner to absorb shock and impact more effectively.


  • Leather
  • Durable
  • Great cushioning
  • Comfortable
  • Anti-odor
  • Lightweight
  • Improves shock absorption


  • Some have found the lacing system a bit frustrating

2. Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot

best tactical boots for flat feet

If you’re looking for tactical boots that are suitable for law enforcement, soldiers, and also accommodate those with flat feet and other foot conditions then you should definitely take Magnum’s boots into consideration. These boots are specifically designed for long hours of wear and the brand made sure they are comfortable throughout the day. In fact, the boots are also useful for security officers and soldiers who work in hot climate areas. Why? The upper consists of an AeroMesh vent and Spider Mesh lining that make the boot breathable. This material is moisture-wicking thus allowing your feet to be comfortable and stay dry all day.

What makes the Elite Spider one of the best tactical boots for flat feet is a high-density cradle layer that supports your heel and arch by following the contour of your feet. The compressed molded EVA cushion, considered an advanced form of EVA, absorbs shock when you're running, jumping, walking, you name it. To enhance shock absorption, the boot also features an additional pad under your heel. Since men with flat feet need support, cushioning, and comfort these boots are considered an excellent choice. The boot can also benefit those with plantar fasciitis because they provide stability to the heel area.


  • Water-resistant
  • Great traction
  • No slipping
  • Compressed molded EVA cushion
  • The additional pad under the heel
  • Support and stability
  • Comfort
  • Ideal for hot climates too
  • Breathable
  • The durable composite material used to avoid setting off metal detectors


  • May not fit for men with wider feet

3. Original SWAT Men’s 9 inch Metro Air (with Side-Zip) Tactical Boot

law enforcement military SWAT boots

Original SWAT is a popular brand that specializes in creating and developing tactical boots for unique needs of military operators, law enforcement officers, and security forces. Their Metro boot allows for passing through a metal detector without them setting off alarms due to the non-metallic rust-proof hardware. The upper is made of a polishable leather as well as Denier nylon upper. For a greater convenience Metro boot also features a side-zip besides laces in front. Although it may not seem at a first glance, these boots are breathable thanks to the foam-padded collar and tongue both of which protect your legs too.

Wearing tactical boots all day can be exhausting, especially if you also have some foot condition such as plantar fasciitis. In order to make it easier for law enforcement officers to wear these boots, Original SWAT opted for a custom-molded phylon EVA midsole which provides cradled support and comfort. At the same time, the boot comes with a removable EVA insole which proves to be convenient if you use custom-made orthotics. Torsional rigidity and lateral support are provided by a texon stability platform. The custom-molded thermoplastic toe box and heel counter prevent pain and protect toes and heel from pressure and impact.


  • Leather
  • Durable
  • Slip and oil resistant
  • Outstanding shock absorption and comfort
  • Fatigue control
  • Breathability
  • Orthotics friendly


  • Too wide for those with narrow feet

4. Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” Black GTX Duty Boot

danner boots

If you’ve already looked for high-quality tactical boots, chances are high Danner’s footwear was among the offered results. That’s not a coincidence, and this brand pays close attention to every detail in order to make sure boots are supportive, comfortable, and durable all at the same time. The boot is composed of waterproof full-grain leather and a breathable Gore-Tex liner that keeps your feet dry and comfortable in every environment.

The EVA midsole provides comfort and an incredible cushioning for brilliant shock absorption. Breathability and airflow are ensured with a polyurethane footbed while bras hardware makes the boot durable. The well-crafted rubber outsole with pentagonal lugs has the purpose to provide more traction.

Although most law enforcement boots are on the heavier side, Danner’s footwear is lightweight to provide ease of movement regardless of where you are and what you do. Basically, Tachyon GTX Duty Boot is a typical Danner boot but upgraded to a more lightweight and feature-laden version.


  • Lightweight
  • Snug fit that hugs the foot
  • EVA midsole
  • Breathable
  • Rubber sole
  • Leather 
  • Waterproof
  • Speed lace fastening system


  • Some may prefer more arch support

5. Maelstrom Men’s 8 inch TAC FORCE Military Tactical Work Boot

tactical work boots

Maelstrom's tactical boots are specifically designed to be lightweight, so you don't feel heaviness and pressure hours after putting them on. The boot is made of a leather and nylon upper which is water-resistant, combined with a moisture-wicking and breathable lining. Not only do these boots protect your feet, but they also eliminate bad odor while keeping each foot dry at the same time. Rubber sole prevents slipping and provides better traction which is what the best law enforcement boots need to have.

For extra comfort and versatility, the boot comes with a removable shock-absorbing cushion that not only supports arch and heel but also protects them from stress and impact. It’s also useful to mention the boot has a side zipper and laces in front.


  • Rubber sole
  • Removable insert, orthotic-friendly
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking lining
  • Lightweight
  • Shock-absorption
  • Arch and heel support


  • A little squeaky

In Summary

Proper law enforcement boots are a must for soldiers, policemen, and security officers to do the job properly without struggling with pain, discomfort, and other problems caused by inadequate footwear. Many brands specialize in creating and developing tactical boots, and you have plenty of options to buy an ideal pair of boots even if you have plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or some other problem. Under Armour and Magnum’s boots are always a good choice.